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Visionscapes – Get Your Prints!

Beginning on April 2, pieces of my work from two different series have been on display in Baltimore, MD.  If you’re in the area, I highly encourage you to take a night and spend it in the space where these are being shown.  They offer wonderful food, great hospitality and a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.  The show has been on display for just about a month now, and I think that it’s about time the photos were offered to the general public.


Mark White Visionscapes gallery exhibition flyer

On Exhibit: Visionscapes

Beginning April 2, two series work will be on display at a local gallery in Downtown Baltimore.  The gallery’s name is Liv2Eat.  You’re all invited, and bring whoever you’d like! There will be snacks, drinks, and a great environment. Come out and enjoy the night with us!  The folks here put on a great show and serve some superb food.  If you’ll be in the area, I’d love to see you there!



The Story Behind the Meadow

This photograph is part of my Miniscapes series.  More photos and information can be found here and here.


This particular landscape took quite some time to create! The set took no less than 8 hours to create, from start to finish. The process began with digging up 5 gallons of dirt and mixing it into mud. The entire table needed to be covered with the mud as a foundation, and we needed enough of it so we could create a proper dynamic landscape with hills, mounds, etc.