Project Infrascape Title over Infrared Landscape

Unveiling: Project Infrascape

This time last year, I was just recuperating from the greatest (in scale, and probably in substance) experience of my life.  Over the month of June, I had spent 12 days straight in my old beat up Pontiac.  She was holding on by a lug nut, but she took my girlfriend and adventure partner Sarah and I over 5,000 miles across the country on a mission to harness invisible light.


Wall o Prints

Visionscapes – Get Your Prints!

Beginning on April 2, pieces of my work from two different series have been on display in Baltimore, MD.  If you’re in the area, I highly encourage you to take a night and spend it in the space where these are being shown.  They offer wonderful food, great hospitality and a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere.  The show has been on display for just about a month now, and I think that it’s about time the photos were offered to the general public.


Mark White Visionscapes gallery exhibition flyer

On Exhibit: Visionscapes

Beginning April 2, two series work will be on display at a local gallery in Downtown Baltimore.  The gallery’s name is Liv2Eat.  You’re all invited, and bring whoever you’d like! There will be snacks, drinks, and a great environment. Come out and enjoy the night with us!  The folks here put on a great show and serve some superb food.  If you’ll be in the area, I’d love to see you there!